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New Wave Swim Buoy

New Wave Swim Buoy is a Trusted Companion for Open Water Swimmers. It provides visibility in Open Water, safe place to float and rest and storage for personal items.

Order online at: 

  • NewWaveSwimBuoy.com 
  • Amazon.com/shops/NWSB 

 Other Links:

  • Facebook.com/NewWaveSwimBuoy
  • instagram.com/NEWnewWaveSwimBuoy
  • vimeo.com/nwsb
  • YouTube.com/c/NewWaveGear


Velofix offers a convenient Mobile Bike Shop experience at your home or office. Their goal is to offer a convenient premium service that gives you more time to do what you love…RIDE!

Blue Seventy

Blue Seventy designs and crafts products using superior materials and revolutionary details that equate to comfort, freedom from restriction and ultimtely a competitive advantage in the water.


Zootsports is a popular brand that produces high-quality triathlon apparel for athletes. Their products are designed with advanced technology to provide comfort, support, and performance during the rigorous demands of a triathlon.


Zealios products are designed to endure the intense physical demands that athletes experience in training and competition. With product for home and to take on a run, swim, and bike, they have you covered. Zealios will also provide product samples for our team events.


Rudy Project


Zone 3

TeKu Tavern Logo

TeKu Tavern

TeKu Tavern is owned by Karrie Stewart & Rich Powell who were inspired by the beauty and functionality of the TeKu Glass and aim to elevate the beer scene in Seattle. TeKu Tavern also has a coffee bar and plenty of non-alcoholic options for those who don’t consume alcohol.

Karrie and Rich are both active Triathletes themselves and love sharing their space with fellow triathletes! We often use TeKu for some of our social events, including IRONMAN watch parties on the Big Screen!

Prevail Physical Therapy Logo

Prevail Physical Therapy

The clinicians at Prevail Physical Therapy have decades of experience specializing in the care and performance of endurance athletes from beginners to professionals. They have extensive training in biomechanics, personal experience as athletes, and training and experience as coaches. They have performed thousands of running and cycling biomechanical analyses utilizing video, pedobarography, and muscle electromyography to most accurately identify performance limiters and causes of injury with highly targeted corrective techniques, including movement retraining, mobility, strength, running form, training modification, footwear strategy, custom orthotics, self-treatment and more. Take advantage of their AlterG antigravity treadmill for training performance or rehab!

While most known for running solutions, Prevail PT also has one of the most advanced bike fitting studios in the country with their in-house sister organization R2 Bicycles Fitting Studio. Versed in multiple bike fitting methodologies from cleats to helmets, they emphasize your individual movement and needs on a bike, including identifying musculoskeletal opportunities, rather than trying to sell bikes. Types of bike fitting include; pre-purchase sizing, performance fit, medical and adaptive fitting, stationary spin bike positioning, and casual riding fits. Using multiple fitting tools allows for targeted analysis and changes, including Guru DFU computerized fit bike, mounted stationary trainer with Computrainer pedaling analysis, and hybrid fork-mounted rollers, Saddle quick changer, Fit Stem and more.

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