Board of Directors

We are organized as a membership-based 501(c)3 public charity. We elect directors to our board at an annual membership meeting. Our initial directors are:

Claude Brun, President

Originally from France, I have been living in the US for over 20+ years, including over 15+ in the Seattle Area. I started my career as a Software Engineer in Telecom and transitioned to the Business side after my MBA, with roles in Finance, Business Development and Strategy, always in the Tech sector. I currently lead the Strategy Team for the Wholesale Business at T-Mobile.

My experience in boards and volunteering includes President of the Seattle Chapter for the UCLA Anderson Alumni Group for several years and a Board Member of both the UCLA Alumni and UCLA Anderson Alumni Chapter .

I joined the Board of the Seattle Green Lake Triathlon Group back in January 2023 to lead our partnerships and sponsorships efforts until I started the initiative of creating the Seattle Triathlon Group which I am one of the founding members and the current President.

In terms of triathlon, I started back in 2016 with a miserable Sprint and slowing made my way up to all distances. I have completed 3 IronMans, closing on IronMan 70.3s including one World Championship, and many Sprints, Olympics and Relays, and over 100 in person and virtual triathlons overall.

Nicole Winn, Secretary

I am a relative newcomer to the triathlon scene who fell in love with the sport after a few coworkers roped me into signing up for a triathlon a few years ago saying, “you can swim, you should sign-up for a triathlon”. My first race re-awoke a competitive energy and confidence in myself I hadn’t felt in years. I want to help bring this energy to others who are starting out on their triathlon journey.

As a local to the Pacific Northwest and working mom of two boys, triathlons provide an excellent reason to get outside and enjoy what nature has to offer, whether it is swimming in Lake Sammamish, biking around Lake Washington, or finding a new trail to explore. Being able to feel strong in executing a hard workout, completing a race you never thought was possible, and being able to share in the race joy with my husband, family, and friends has been amazing. I thrive upon the challenge, discipline, and fun of training and competing in triathlons. I am excited to be part of a club that provides a common place for like-minded people to support each other, learn from each other, and share in the camaraderie over a common passion, triathlons.

Paul Paradise, Treasurer

I grew up a swimmer and beach lifeguard, but took a 10-year hiatus from most exercise upon entering college and immediately after. When I returned to swimming, a friend talked me into doing a triathlon and I've been hooked ever since. I started at the Olympic distance, which I consider to be long enough to scare me into training but short enough I can accomplish it while still having a life outside of triathlon. More recently I managed to step up to 70.3's, but then jumped back down to Olympic distance with new baby at home eating up more of my free time.

Professionally, I serve as a Production Engineering Manager at Meta, supporting a team focused on infrastructure reliability. I have a background in software development, security, and systems administration.


With only three members of the board right now, we know we could use a lot of additional help! If you're interested in helping out, please reach out! We could use help across many different areas: graphic design, event coordination, social media, etc.

We aim to host our first elections at our first annual membership meeting this summer, once we reach a critical mass of members. Paid members interested in serving on the board of directors should contact the current president.